A synthesis of chemistry and physics to fight cancer

Cliniporator is the most advanced medical device to complete the entire process of electroporation of cancerous cells in a few minutes. Its ease of use allows reduced surgery time in the operating theatre, enabling a large number of lesions to be treated in a single session.

Cliniporator is a highly reliable device, built to meet the most rigorous European safety standards. It is built in compliance with the EN 60601-1 standard, its electrical safety is IMQ tested, and it meets the requirements of directive 93/42/EEC and subsequent amendments. It is CE0051 marked.

IGEA products and the Cliniporator are not available in the USA. 

A synthesis of chemistry and physics to fight cancer
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Technological innovation at the service of health

Cliniporator induces electroporation of the cell membrane by emitting high voltage impulses which permit the intra-cellular diffusion of molecules that otherwise would not be able to enter the cells. During the electroporation process, Cliniporator measures the voltage and current supplied, and displays critical treatment information in real time, allowing the physician to verify electroporation effectiveness.

Specific electrodes designed for lesions of the skin, mucous membranes and subcutaneous tissue to a depth of 4 centimeters, ensure that electroporation of the cancerous tissue is homogeneous, and guarantees the effectiveness of the treatment on the entire volume of interest.