Electrochemotherapy, an effective treatment for cancer

Electrochemotherapy is an effective way of treating cutaneous and subcutaneous tumours, irrespective of their origin or of their current or prior treatment regime. Its use is particularly indicated in patients with local recurrences or cutaneous metastases of breast cancer, head of neck cancers and stage III B/C and IV M1 melanoma.

Dr. L. M. Mir, of the French National Scientific Research Center at the Gustave Roussy Institute in Paris is the father of electrochemotherapy. In the early 1990s, starting from the principle of Electroporation, the application of electrical pulses promoting the formation of pores in the cell membrane, Dr. Mir was able to develop a technique, electrochemotherapy, that facilitates diffusion of anticancer drugs into the cancerous cells.

IGEA designed and developed the Cliniporator for the electroporation of tumour nodules in clinical practice. The international multicenter clinical trial ESOPE (European Standard Operating Procedures for Electrochemotherapy) was promoted and supported by the European Commision to define electrochemotherapy's operating procedures and to promote its adoption in the care of cancer patients. The results of the ESOPE study showed an objective response rate in 84% of the treated tumour nodules.

The treatment protocols defined during the ESOPE clinical trial have been implemented in several European cancer centers, and results of the clinical application of electrochemotherapy confirm its efficacy, showing complete disappearance of over 70% of treated tumour nodules and significant improvenment in patients' quality of life. Clinicians and surgeons recognize the positive effect of electrocheotherapy in the treatment of cancer patients.

The relevant clinical experience, gathered using the Cliniporator, provides a solid foundation for the investigation of treatment of non superficial cancers by electrochemotherapy and electroporation application in gene therapy.  

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