• Two oral presentations on ECT at the 13th Congress of the European Association Dermato-Oncology (EADO), 3-6 May 2017, Athens, Greece.

    The first presentation, "Prospective pilot study evaluating the effectiveness of electrochemotherapy using reduced dosages of intravenous bleomycin", will be held by Simone Ribero (Turin, Italy) on Thursday.

    The second presentation, "Electrochemotherapy", will be held by Alessandro Testori (Milan, Italy) on Friday.

  • The “Recommendation Paper” has been published from the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST) to “improve the quality of reporting clinical electrochemotherapy studies based on qualitative systematic review”

    The Steering Committee of COST TD 1104 Action (www.electroporation.net) has made a “recommendation paper” that gives to the physician specific indications to improve the quality of reporting clinical electrochemotherapy for future publications. 

  • Electrochemotherapy National User Meeting: presentations now available for viewing!

    Electrochemotherapy National User Meeting 2016 in London a great success - IGEA medical

    "Brilliant overview of developments to date and future prospects… What I came for - excellent delivery with comprehensive coverage."

    At the end of April 2016, IGEA Medical held its annual national user meeting, in which over fifty surgeons, oncologists and medical professionals attended from the UK, Ireland and Europe. Over 60 delegates attended an excellent conference with a wide range of topics discussed.

  • Electrochemotherapy on www.breastcancercare.org.uk

    We are delighted to announce that a page dedicated to Electrochemotherapy has been published on the Breast Cancer Care website.

    Breast Cancer Care is the only UK wide charity providing care, information and support to people affected by breast cancer. The page contains detailed contents about Electrochemotherapy treatment on Secondary Breast Cancer.

  • New NICE guidelines for Melanoma: NICE recommend Electrochemotherapy as option for palliative treatment for in transit metastases

    Electrochemotherapy has been included by NICE in the new guidelines "Melanoma: assessment and management" has as palliative treatment for in-transit metastases.

    The details are as follows...

  • Electrochemotherapy: NICE guidance for metastasis in the skin

     NICE guidance for metastasis in the skin

    Electrochemotherapy receives NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence – UK) positive guidance for metastasis in the skin (for tumours of non skin origin and melanoma), and for primary basal cell carcinoma and primary squamous cell carcinoma. 

    This is a very important achievement that confirms effectiveness and safety of Electrochemotherapy.


  • IGEA Worldwide


    Since 1980, the year it was founded, IGEA has been working to provide patients with effective therapies.

    Research and intellectual curiosity have always distinguished the work of IGEA, and over the years have enabled IGEA to become the leading company in the field of Clinical Biophysics. Individuals and their ideas, knowledge built on a solid scientific foundation and product quality are the foundation on which IGEA decided to build its future.

  • Oncology

    IGEA works on the treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumours of electrochemotherapy, an efficacious technique that can guarantee that drugs and genetic material can penetrate the poorly permeable tumour cell.

    Its use is particularly indicated in patients with local recurrences or cutaneous metastases of breast cancer, head of neck cancers and stage III B/C and IV M1 melanoma. 

  • Orthopaedics


    IGEA's aim is to make the best technology to cure the patient, available to the clinician, through the many applications of Clinical Biophysics, designed to promote the reparative processes in bone tissue and cartilage.

    Major clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of IGEA medical devices in noticeably reducing fracture healing times, without resorting to surgical procedures. 

  • Customer help service

    Professionalism and expertise resulting from more than 30 years of activity and experience in the field, but also passion and courtesy in assisting patients right from the first phone call.

    The qualified personnel of IGEA's Customer Help Service is always available to resolve, by phone or e-mail, any doubts or questions patients have, and assist them in the use of IGEA devices. 

Clinical biophysics

The best technology against tumours
The best technology against tumours

To discover the importance of electrochemotherapy for the treatment of cutaneous and subcutaneous tumours, and to find out more about the functions of the Cliniporator, for an efficacious and safe treatment with minimal side effects, visit the dedicated oncology section. 

Physics and biology for bone health
Physics and biology for bone health

To find out more about the central role of biological factors in promoting osteogenetic and chondroprotective activity, and to read about the whole range of IGEA’s innovative medical devices, visit the dedicated orthopaedics section.